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User-Agent Switcher for Windows

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  • Version: Chrome 1.0.12

A Tool to Quickly and Easily Switch Between User Agent Strings

User-Agent Switcher is a tool that spoofs and mimics browser user-agent strings. In other words, it lets you easily switch between the strings.

Quick and Seamless Switching

User-Agent Switcher lets you quickly and seamlessly switch between browser user-agent strings. The tool comes in handy when creating a website for both desktop and mobile browsers and when you have had enough of archaic website blocking. This application not just alters the user-agent that comes with HTTP requests, but also modifies the page’s javascript objects. In case there are troubles (which are rare) switching between user-agents, clearing the cookies and switching back to Chrome should get you back on track.

For Developers and Casual Users

Though the extension primarily focusses on the developer community, casual users are taken on-board too. Compared to other similar tools, User-Agent Switcher offers a lot more advanced features. For instance, you can set up particular URLs that may potentially block you. This enables the extension to switch user-agents automatically without requiring any effort from your side. The extension provides all important user-agents. After installation, User Agent Switcher toolbar button would show up in your browser’s top-right corner. You must click the specific icon for accessing the menu. The ‘settings’ portion is available in a drop-down menu. The option also lets you add fresh user-agents, modify and view your import settings and permanent spoof list.


  • Seamless and easy switching
  • Feature-packed and comprehensive user-agent switcher


  • Doesn’t enhance browsing privacy
  • Could affect browsing experience


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User-Agent Switcher


User-Agent Switcher Chrome 1.0.12 for PC


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